• Emerald Pools Hike Zion

    Emerald Pools Hike (Zion National Park)

    On Saturday, which happened to be Independence Day, we awoke much later than I was expecting. When we went to Joshua Tree in May, the temperature in the tent was unbearable by 7 am, but for some reason, it was still nice and cool by 9. We had to pack up camp and move out of our site by 11, so we had a nice breakfast of bagels, bananas, and watermelon and were on our way. We moved our car to the Visitors Center and hopped on the bus to Zion Lodge. Today’s hike was going to be to the Emerald Pools. There are three pools along this 3-mile hike.…

  • Zion National Park

    The Narrows Hike (Zion National Park)

    The next morning, we packed everything up again and had breakfast at the hotel. We definitely knew we were in Utah at this point. Fox News was playing in the dining area, which we both noticed. There was also a family who was sitting near our table. One of the men at the table asked his tablemates, “Do you know any gay people?” Then yelled, “They’re sinners!!” Matt looked at me and then said, “Yeah, we gotta go.” After we left, I learned that he thought the man had said, “Do you know any gay pornstars?” but then realized that regular pornstars are probably sinners too. We drove for another…