• Centennial Olympic Park

    Centennial Olympic Park (Atlanta)

    The revitalization of downtown Atlanta probably began with the building of Centennial Park for the 1996 Olympic Games. Parts of the original park remain and is a nice central spot in the middle of the urban landscape for Atlanta residents to enjoy a little greenery. I spent quite a long time watching the Fountain of Rings and those who gathered around it on my last day in Atlanta. Although the air was cold, the sun shined the entire day, so it was perfect weather to just sit and enjoy the outdoors. Still can’t get enough of the fall colors Centennial Olympic Park 265 Park Ave West N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30313-1591

  • World of Coca-Cola

    World of Coca-Cola (Atlanta)

    I admit it. I’m an addict. A Coca-cola addict. Regular, not diet. As a self-professing addict, I absolutely had to go to the marketing extravaganza that is the WORLD OF COCA-COLA!! I wasn’t completely convinced that I should go after reading reviews, but I managed to convince myself that the Tasting Room alone would be worth the $15 admission charge. Exterior of the building Welcomed by giant Coca-Cola bottles The tour begins in a room that contains the largest collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia and represents advertising from all over the world. Next, we watched a short film called “Inside the Happiness Factory,” which was a cartoon documenting what goes on…