Preschool Lesson Plan: Rain Theme

Not only were our lives turned upside down because of coronavirus, we were also blessed with rain for days and days on end. How is it possible that we haven’t already completely lost our minds?

Today’s lesson plan revolves around rain.


For their math lesson, the boys did some counting. They counted rain clouds and rain drops on the white board.


Project: Rainy day window

Materials needed: cookie sheets, blue watercolors, white paper, paintbrushes and tape

For this art project, the boys created rainy day windows by first painting their cookie sheets with blue watercolor. Then we placed the white sheet of paper on top of the cookie sheet to transfer the paint onto the paper.

Making rainy day windows
Painting rainy day windows

We did other activities while we waited for the paper to dry. Once the paint was dry, I used tape to create the window panes. The photo below is the finished art project but it doesn’t really show the paint droplets well. They are much clearer in person.

Music and Movement

The boys listened to two rain-related songs for music and movement.

Sun, Rain, Wind and Snow – The Singing Walrus
Singing in the Rain – The Learning Station


There was a break in the rain today, so we were able to do our sensory and science activities outside, although it was pretty cold and grey.

For sensory time, I got two disposable cups and poked holes in the bottom of the cups, paper towels and a small basin of water.

Playing with their rain cups

The boys loved watching the water drain from the cups. They also felt the paper towels absorb water and then squeezed them to get the water out. They really had a lot of fun doing this activity and it kept them occupied for longer than I was expecting.


We watched a lesson on The Water Cycle and then did a short science experiment.

The Water Cycle

For this project, we need a cup, paper towel, rubber band and straws (or you can use a dropper). I secured the paper towel on the cup with the rubber band. Then the boys used the straws to drop water onto the paper towel. They watched as the paper towel absorbed water and eventually some of the water seeped into the cup.

Rain jar science project


For storytime, we read “Mowgli’s Rainy Day” from the Disney Book Group.

Hoping that spring brings us more sunny days soon!

* Background: We are all going through some chaotic and concerning times at the moment. On Friday, March 13, 2020, our family began our process of social distancing and staying put in our homes. That means we found ourselves with two preschool-aged children at home. I took it upon myself to continue their preschool education while we find ourselves coping with this change in our daily norm.

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