Preschool Lesson Plan: Transportation Theme

* Background: We are all going through some chaotic and concerning times at the moment. On Friday, March 13, 2020, our family began our process of social distancing and staying put in our homes. That means we found ourselves with two preschool-aged children at home. I took it upon myself to continue their preschool education while we find ourselves coping with this change in our daily norm. Disclaimer: While I have Masters in Business Administration and Bachelors in Psychology, I do not have any teaching experience.

Today’s preschool homeschool theme was all about transportation and vehicles.


For our math lesson, I collected a couple of containers full of different cars and vehicles from their playroom. I used our number magnets to set up numbers from 1 to 7. The boys were asked to place the correct number of cars next to the corresponding number. For example, they placed one car next to the number 1 and two cars next to the number 2 and so forth.


Project: Construction paper hot air balloon

Materials needed: construction paper, stickers, paints

I cut and pasted a hot air balloon out of construction paper. I’m not the best artist as you can tell, so my hot air balloons looked super simple.

Construction paper hot air balloons ready to be decorated

The boys used stickers and watercolors to decorate their hot air balloons. They were definitely into the stickers!

Construction paper hot air balloons finished


For science, we made a ramp out of materials that we have lying around. I used one of their toy containers and a wooden puzzle to create a ramp.

Then I collected a variety of items from their playroom and we tested each item to see if it could go down the ramp by itself. They learned that items with wheels or things that are round would go down by themselves.

Science lesson about ramps

Music and Movement

For music and movement, we listened and grooved to some transportation themed songs. I was putting this lesson plan on the fly so they watched a lot of songs today. I was mentally and physically exhausted this day and just needed them to be occupied for a good amount of time.

Transportation Song – The Singing Walrus
Let’s Be Planes – Maple Leaf Learning
Let’s Take the Subway – Sing Along with Tobee
Down by the Station – The Kiboomers
Zoom Zoom Zoom We’re Going to the Moon – The Kiboomers
Construction Car Wash – The Kiboomers


For language, we reviewed words and pictures using this set of Transportation Word Cards from prekinders.com.


Our local libraries are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we only have so many books at home, so I have found read aloud videos on YouTube to be really helpful.

I let the boys listen to four read aloud stories today because they were so into the Tony Mitton and Ant Parker series of transportation books.

Super Submarines by Tony Mitton & Ant Parker
Amazing Airplanes by Tony Mitton & Ant Parker
Cool Cars by Tony Mitton & Ant Parker
The Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper

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