Curious about Trying CBD Oil?

I received this product for free from Moms Meet ( to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

If you are like me and tend to keep up with trends in the health and wellness realm, then you probably have heard about CBD oil by now. I have been seeing CBD oil everywhere but did not know anything about it.


Over the past month of so, I have been incorporating PlusCBD Oil products into my daily self-care routine and wanted to share with you what I have learned about CBD oil and my personal experiences with these products.

What is hemp-derived CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid found in agricultural hemp. CBD is non-intoxicating and will not make you high. CBD works with your body’s internal system with the goal of achieving homeostasis, maintaining a stable internal environment despite fluctuations in the external environment.

About PlusCBD

PlusCBD is North America’s leading CBD oil brand. It believes that in order to make the highest quality hemp oil products, it needs to be a part of every step of the supply chain process.

Their CBD oil products are produced with the following features:

  • Full Traceability – From Seed to Shelf™
  • Chemical-free CO2 extraction process
  • State-of-the-art laboratory
  • Quality assurance via independent third party analysis on all products
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free

PlusCBD Oil Products Formulas and Products

PlusCBD Oil offers three formulations:

  • Raw Formula (Red) – 90% plant material, 10% phytocannabinoids
  • Total Plant Complex (Green) – 85% plant material, 15% phytocannabinoids
  • Gold Formula – 75% plant material, 25% phytocannabinoids

The Gold Formula products are the fastest acting and most concentrated.

PlusCBD Oil products include CBD Oil softgels, capsules, sprays, drops, applicators and balms.

My Experience with PlusCBD Oil

I received five different PlusCBD Oil products to sample and review. Every person is unique and has a different, ideal dose for them. PlusCBD Oil suggests starting low and slowly upping the dose to find what works for you.

15 mg Gold Softgels ($19.95 for 10 softgels)

These softgels are formulated with an extra-virgin olive oil base and contain 15 mg of CBD per serving. Gold Formula products are great for those looking for high intensity support.

This was my favorite formulation of PlusCBD Oil that I received. They were easy to take in the morning with my other medications and supplements. The softgels themselves were tiny, so they are easy to swallow and did not have a noticeable aftertaste. For busy moms, I think these softgels are the way to go.

After taking these softgels for a few days, my chronic back and shoulder pain began to be less noticeable, but the biggest difference was that I was much more alert. My day-to-day is so exhausting that I often find myself in a mental fog. I felt a huge change to my mental clarity and alertness after taking CBD oil.

Total Plant Complex 15 mg Capsules ($69.95 for 60 capsules)

This formulation was also right up my alley because of the capsule form. Like the softgels, the capsules contain 15 mg of CBD per serving and are easy to swallow. They did have a bit of a taste to them, however, which I did not mind.


Total Plant Complex Extra Strength Peppermint Spray ($67.95 for 2 fl oz)

The Extra Strength Spray contains a lower dosage of CBD with 3 mg per serving. It is also easy to use. The suggested serving is two sprays. I was not a fan of this formulation. Both because I do not usually use sprays and I did not like the taste.


Gold Formula Unflavored Drops ($41.95 for 1 fl oz)

PlusCBD Oil Drops can be added to your favorite drink or smoothie, or you can simply place the drops directly in your mouth and swallow, like I did. Each serving contains 3 mg of CBD.

This formulation did not work for me because I could not take the taste. Next time, I will try putting it in a drink, but the taste was so strong that I am not sure that drops are the right fit for me.


Gold Formula Extra Strength Balm ($51.95 for 1.3 oz)

PlusCBD Oil Balm has been incorporated into my nightly regime. I just put a bit on the back of my neck, shoulders and stomach and it does wonders for my sleep.


I am so glad I got a chance to face my fears and try CBD Oil. If you are interested in learning more about PlusCBD Oil, MomsMeet and Dr. Aimée Shunney, Naturopathic Physician, put together this informative video. I recommend you check it out.

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Disclaimer: These products are not meant to treat, cure, mitigate or ameliorate diseases or disease symptoms. If you are considering taking CBD for your health, please consult your primary care physician.

Highlights from Wonderspaces San Diego 2018

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to visit Wonderspaces with the San Diego Blogger Babes.

Wonderspaces is a temporary immersive art exhibition that it currently being shown on the San Diego Waterfront at the B Street Pier.

Wonderspaces graciously hosted a small group of the SDBBs, and let me tell you it was an amazing experience. There were so many cool installations, but here are a few of my favorites.

Black Balloons by Tadao Cern

This installation features hundreds of black balloons, half of which are floating and half of which are sitting on the floor. Such a cool concept!


Into the Breath by Stefano Ogliari Badessi

Into the Breath is described by the artist as a “Dragon Balloon.” Viewers literally walk into the mouth of the dragon. Another neat thing about the piece is that it is made of plastic bags!

2018-06-13 20.58.33

Body Paint by Memo Akten

This piece was so fun! You get to “paint” with your body via a canvas and motion sensor. I could have played with this all night long!

The Border by Carolin Wanitzek

This super cute paper forest had so many small details. I loved seeing it.

2018-06-13 21.06.09

2018-06-13 21.03.28

To Do by Illegal Art

To Do is made up of hundreds of Post-It notes which make up a giant “to-do” list. You can add your own notes to the existing piece.

2018-06-13 21.14.16

Submergence by Squidsoup

Submergence was by far my favorite installation. I loved that you could walk through the piece and be a part of the experience. The installation uses over 8,000 lights. The lighting changes throughout the piece and takes a total of 12 minutes to run through the entire experience.

2018-06-13 21.40.08


I had a blast at Wonderspaces and hanging out with the San Diego Blogger Babes for the first time. Be sure to check out Wonderspaces before it is gone. Tickets up until the end of July are on sale now.


  • Many of the installations involve flashing lights and videos and have epilepsy warnings. If you are prone to seizures, be sure to look out for these warning signs.
  • Go late at night. We arrived around 8:30 pm and were able to have many of the installations to ourselves, which as bloggers is helpful to get the shot. I was also able to find free parking quite easily at that time.

Things to Do with Twins in San Diego: The New Children’s Museum

Now that my little bundles are walking bundles, it is time for us to expand our activities. We recently headed downtown to visit The New Children’s Museum for the first time. My parents were in town for a couple of days, so having them here made our trip to the museum much easier than if I had been alone with the boys.

2018-06-12 13.07.10

I have never really been to a children’s museum as far as I recall, so I did not have much of an idea of what to expect.

2018-06-12 11.18.44


I took a look at the map and decided to head up stairs first as it seemed to have the most toddler friendly activities and I was right! The boys loved Wobbleland, and I found it to be incredibly adorable! The whole area was food themed.


The boys sailed along in a watermelon sailboat, climbed through a slice of Swiss cheese, collected peas (balls) that go into a pea pod and stacked tomato slices.

Sitting in an orange half

To be honest, though, what they were most interested in was playing with the balls and walking around freely and exploring!

2018-06-12 13.24.42
Adorable toddler plate

While I tried to get lots of photos of us, they were not having it! These two little toddlers are so busy and refused to have their play interrupted.

2018-06-12 11.50.35

Tot Studio

Across the way from Wobbleland is Tot Studio. Here, little ones can participate in daily (except Friday) sensory painting from 10:30 to 11:30. We missed this activity, but we still headed over for the boys to go down the slide and play with some different toys.

2018-06-12 11.56.41

2018-06-12 11.55.47


The Rain House

This little structure was super cute but did not have much for our boys to do.

2018-06-12 12.07.56

Beansprouts Cafe

Since it was our first time visiting, we decided to have lunch at the on-site Beansprouts Cafe. Apparently, you are allowed to also pack your own lunches, but I was not aware of this.

2018-06-12 12.21.38

The menu features simple sandwiches, salads and pizza. I had The Great Turkado (turkey and avocado sandwich) with creamy tomato soup, and I was delighted by how good my lunch was! I was pleasantly surprised.

2018-06-12 12.21.35

Paint Studio

The outside area has a paint studio, where you can paint a 1950s pickup truck, and a clay studio for art making, but again, these activities were not suitable for my kids’ age.

2018-06-12 12.49.09

No Rules…Except

“No Rules…Except” has a variety of mattresses and tire-shaped pillows for climbing, jumping and playing on. So cute! Another good thing is that there are two separate sections of the exhibit, one for kids under 4 and another for bigger kids.

Older brother was not enjoying being here, so we let little brother play for a while before leaving this area. I didn’t want older brother to get too upset.



Right next to Wobbleland are two areas of blocks. This was our final stop of the day before heading home for naptime.

2018-06-12 13.31.35

The museum was also feeling more crowded with bigger kids, so that was our cue to leave.

Overall, it was a fun day, and the twins absolutely had a blast! I am not so sure how often we will be coming back, however. I feel the cost of entrance is a little bit too steep to justify. Admission is $14 per person over 1 year old and $10 for seniors. For our group, that equaled $62 for admission alone. We also paid for parking and lunch, so it was not an inexpensive excursion. This, plus the fact that they are still too little for many of the exhibits, makes me hesitate to plan a return trip to The New Children’s Museum in the near future. It’s just a little too pricey and not enough value at this moment. I’m sure we will be back when they get older though!

Parting Tip: Make sure you wear easy on and off shoes and non-holey socks because most of the play areas are shoe-free zones.

Visiting the Crayola Experience with Toddlers

2018-05-22 13.12.06-2

While visiting family in Pennsylvania recently, we decided to spend a rainy day at the Crayola Experience in Easton, Pennsylvania.

2018-05-22 13.12.50

The complex is huge with so much to do for little ones and younger elementary-aged children. I would say older elementary-aged children would not find it as amusing. Although we did not have time to explore the entire attraction and we skipped things that were not age-appropriate for my 15 month old twins, there was still plenty to do for the toddler-aged child.

Wrap It Up

Upon paying your admission fee, each guest is given a shopping bag and two tokens. One of the tokens can be used at Wrap It Up. Here, you can choose a Crayola crayon color and create a personalized label for it. Once your label is printed, you machine wrap it to create the perfect take home souvenir.


Toddler Town

We spent the majority of our time in Toddler Town. There were multiple activity cubes to play with.


But the reason why we stayed here so long and actually wound up coming back to Toddler Town a second time was because the twins were all about the giant Light Brite board. They could not get enough of it!



Rainbow Rain and Stomp & Play

These two attractions are fun digital interactive games. With Rainbow Rain, you can play in melting wax.


Stomp & Play lets you play games on a digital interactive floor. There was also an under the sea game on one of the walls.


Colossal Caddy

The Crayola Experience had a number of coloring stations with different pages you can choose from to color in.


Modeling Madness

With your second token, guests can visit the vending machines lining the room to choose from a variety of different colors of Crayola’s modeling compound.



Tables were set up with cookie cutters and other tools for you to mold and play with the modeling clay. The boys really enjoyed this attraction. Even just playing with the clay in their hands was great for their sensory development.

2018-05-22 14.07.25

Big Blue

Made from 123,000 blue crayons and weighing 1,500 lbs, Big Blue is the world’s largest crayon and worth stopping to admire.

2018-05-22 14.31.04

The Crayola Store

This gift shop is filled with adorable souvenirs. We took home a few t-shirts for the twins.


But my favorite thing at the shop was the amazing Pick Your Pack crayon display. Loved the rainbow of colors!

2018-05-22 14.40.01

There is so much more to do at the Crayola Experience. While we got our fill on these few things to do, once the boys are older, I would love to visit again and check out the other attractions and have more fun with my sons!

Bloom Summit Recap

On Saturday, I attended the inaugural Bloom Summit at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.


Bloom Summit is a wellness and beauty retreat, providing a day for guests to immerse themselves in wellness education, pampering, and interacting with brands that help to sustain a wholesome non-toxic lifestyle.


Check In

I arrived just after the event was starting and there was only one group ahead of me to check-in. It was easy peasy to get on my way.


Wellness Oasis

I had about 15 minutes before my first session started, so I took a spin around the Wellness Oasis. The area was lined with a variety of different booths, all promoting the healthier lifestyle. I only had time to visit one booth before I headed inside for my sessions, but I made sure to see almost everything throughout the day.

2018-06-02 12.53.57


For me, the coolest thing was getting my first vitamin “push” from Nenergy Boost.



I got the Vitamin C + Glutathione Push.


There was also a stocked snack bar, where you could load up a Bumkins wet bag with healthy snacks and drinks.


The Wellness Oasis also gave guests a chance to interact directly with health and wellness brands, like Eat Cleaner, Kite Hill, Neocell and Plus CBD oil.

2018-06-02 10.05.46

2018-06-02 11.30.59

Costa Craft Beauty hosted a cute make-and-take station, where you could either make a fragrance spritzer or body scrub. I went with the body scrub. It smelled so good!



Finally, while I was at it, I got a vitamin B12 shot from The Solution IV. Honestly, I did not feel any different after getting the shot and the push.



Bloom Summit featured speaker sessions with experts in the health and wellness space as well as workout sessions. Although I was not able to attend any of the speaker sessions, I signed up for two of the three fitness workouts.

First up was a Feel Good Fusion class with Sara Haley. She specializes in pre and post natal fitness, which was great for me! The workout included core work, cardio, body weight strengthening and stretching. It was a great workout and I certainly worked up a sweat!


Rad Roller hosted the second session that I attended. It was less of a workout that a Rad Rolling session, and it felt amazing. Since having the twins, my body regularly feels like it is falling apart, so this session really helped me release some of my tight muscles.

2018-06-02 11.53.29

Gift Bag

I left Bloom Summit with two huge bags of goodies. My ticket type included a gift bag. There was a higher level ticket that included an even more loaded swag bag. I still have yet to go through the bags of stuff, but I will likely be doing mini-reviews in my Instagram stories. If you are interested, check out my Instagram at


I had a really good time at Bloom Summit and I hope they hold it again next year. If they do, I will make every effort to attend again.