A Non-Pinner’s Experience at the California Pinners Conference 2018

So I don’t have a Pinterest account. I’m not much of a DIY-er, crafter or “Pinner,” but I came across free general admission tickets to the California Pinners Conference and thought it might be fun to check it out. It also didn’t hurt that it was taking place at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, which is 15 minutes from my house.


I arrived just as the conference was opening, and of course, had to take a picture at the flower wall. So cute!

2018-04-13 10.12.12

The general admission tickets gives you access to the exhibit floor, shopping and make-and-takes. The conference also features over 100 Pinterest-based classes, and other ticket types include access to classes. My non-Pinning self decided to stick with the general admission ticket.


With my ticket type, I was very interested in seeing what make-and-takes would be available to try out. Lucky for me, the Tandy Leather booth is located right as you enter the main exhibit hall, and they were set up for leather-stamped luggage tag make-and-takes!


It was super easy to do, but definitely not a hobby I am going to take up!

As I browsed around the exhibit hall, I did not see many other make-and-takes that were complimentary. There were several booths that were offering make-and-takes with a purchase or for a fee. This was disappointing since there turned out to be only three total that I saw and I made several laps around the floor.

One that I did find was at the ImpressArt booth. I was able to make a simple metal-stamped initial pendant. They also provided a jump ring and chain to turn it into a necklace. Super cute! I had an initial necklace many years ago that my sister gave me when I was her maid-of-honor, but it was taken during a burglary, so I love finally having a new one.

2018-04-13 17.05.19
Leather-stamped luggage tag from Tandy Leather and metal-stamped initial necklace from ImpressArt

The final make-and-take that I did was at the Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family booth. The make-and-take was a felt flower tote bag and was more involved than the other make-and-takes. This did not take 2 minutes to complete, like the other two crafts I mentioned. It was the most fun as well because Ken Wingard was at the booth teaching the craft and chatting with everyone. He is super friendly, down-to-earth and encouraging to those of us who don’t know what we are doing!

Yay, Ken!
2018-04-13 11.49.58


Shopping and Exhibits

As I look through my photos, I realize that I did not take many from the exhibit halls. I wish I had because you would see what a random assortment of exhibits and shops they had. I was pretty disappointed. The main categories of items for sale included multi-level marketing companies (the usual suspects like Lularoe, doTerra, Scentsy, Lipsense and Usborne Books), cosmetics and skincare lines that I have never heard of, and lots and lots of artwork in the modern rustic/Fixer Upper style that seems to have taken over). Bleh.


Needless to say, I did not make many purchases. I did buy an eyebrow kit from FabBrows. Lol! Yes, that is what I bought at the Pinners Conference!

Some of the booths were super cute though. Like Mint Studio’s cactus-themed booth that seemed to have been made for Coachella weekend, which it just so happened to be! Again, I wished I had taken more photos to show you the exhibits.

2018-04-13 11.57.08

Lastly, as I was leaving, there were Passion Planners for the taking on the entry table! I love it and wished I had gotten one at the beginning of the year.


Overall, the Pinners Conference solidified my stance on not becoming a crafter! I cannot believe how much stuff you need to have a crafting hobby. My max interest would be to  attend a workshop at a local studio if they were making something that I would actually want. Right now, I’m just not into the brush lettering, macrame and faux rustic wood signs aesthetic that is everywhere. That said, I probably will not be attending the next Pinners Conference.


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