Easter 2018

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! My what a difference a year makes. Last Easter, the twins were soooo tiny. In fact, they had not even reached their actual due date yet, even though they were almost 2 months old!

2017-04-15 15.50.03

My little guys are so big now compared to a year ago! Despite the fact that our family is not religious, I love celebrating Easter! I think it is the combination of fluffy animals, springtime and chocolate that makes me happy! My parents did not make a big deal out of Easter when we were growing up. There were no Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets, Easter dinners, photos with the Easter bunny or new Easter outfits. We pretty much got a few pieces of candy and went to church and that was it.

I feel like I am one of those parents that wants to give my kids experiences that I missed out on. Easter is no exception. This year, we headed to our neighborhood recreation center for the twins’ first Easter egg hunt. We were joined by my parents, brother, sister-in-law and nephew.

The field was set up for bigger kids and the little ones got the playground and a grassy knoll for their own egg hunt!

2018-03-31 09.52.13

2018-03-31 09.50.45

There were plenty of eggs for everyone! My little guys got about five eggs each, which is just the right amount for these little dudes .

2018-03-31 10.10.24-1

After the egg hunt, we headed home to spend some more time with the family and ordered brunch at yummy Mendocino Farms. Mmmmm…What a great Easter weekend!

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