Gobble Meal Delivery Review – Part 2

We recently received our second meal delivery kit from Gobble.com. I actually did not remember that we had a kit scheduled to be delivered, and so did not get a chance to pick out which meals we were to be receiving. Boo hoo. That was especially unfortunate because husband wound up not being able to eat parts of the meals, and they were also meals that I probably would not have selected on my own, had I remembered. I wish Gobble could send out an email that reminds you to confirm your selections for the week before the deadline, but I can see why they don’t. This kind of email might spur people to skip their delivery for the week rather than confirming their meals.

Anywho, the meals were overall pretty good and we will definitely be ordering from Gobble again in the future.

Sicilian-style Albacore Tuna with Cauliflower Rice and Balsamic Glaze

This was surprisingly my favorite of the week. I was expecting the cauliflower rice to be bland, but it was delicious and had great texture. I was very impressed. For hubby’s portion, I excluded the garlic confit and he even commented that the meal was really good!


2018-03-06 18.13.02

Mandarin Orange Pork Chow Mein Stir Fry

This meal I had to eat on my own because of the amount of citrus that was involved. I enjoyed this meal as well, but I probably would not have selected it, if I had the option. The only probably I had while cooking this meal was that the noodle were all stuck together when I added them to the pan, so I had to break them apart by hand in order to keep the cooking going.

2018-03-07 17.51.15
2018-03-07 18.23.00

Pan Roasted Chicken with Green Bean Casserole and Mashed Potatoes

This meal was my least favorite of the week. I though the green bean casserole was incredibly bland and soupy. This would not have been that bad but that was the most time-consuming part of the meal, so I had high expectations for it. The mashed potatoes were very good though, but all I had to do to prepare them was put them in a bowl and microwave them since they were already prepared. Lol!

Hubby’s portion did not have the green bean casserole since he tries to avoid dairy and cannot eat mushrooms.


Gobble is still a great solution for mid-week meals, in my opinion, and I think they will continue to be a monthly part of my meal planning.

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