San Diego Beer Moms – February Meetup

San Diego Beer Moms held its first event of 2018 last week, and now, that my schedule is finally back to normal, I was able to attend with the twins in tow. San Diego Beer Moms, part of the San Diego Moms Blog community, is a group of moms who love craft beer (duh!). They meet on a monthly basis at different breweries around San Diego County, to explore the beer scene and meet other moms. This was my first time attending an event, and I was a bit nervous to be honest!

The meetup was held at Ballast Point Brewing Company‘s Miramar location, which is a quick 15 minute drive from us.

2018-02-28 11.09.57

San Diego Beer Moms had a nice section of the tasting room reserved for the group and it included a number of four-seater high tops and a long high top communal table. There was also room for strollers!

The event included a drink ticket for one complimentary pint. I chose the Wahoo White, since I love citrus-y, light beers and it contains only 4.5% ABV for this light weight.

2018-02-28 22.46.31

I also ordered a house made hot pretzel with Sculpin beer cheese and California Amber beer mustard ($8) to soak up some of the beer so I could drive the kids and I to some errands afterwards!

2018-02-28 11.20.53

Aside from the booze and eats, the event was a fantastic way for me to get out and meet some moms! I am a total introvert and super reserved, but I feel like it is important for me to get out of the house every day and interact with grown adults at least of few times a week. I was lucky because everyone was super friendly!

2018-02-28 11.24.57

I am looking forward to attending another meet up soon!

The March meetup has been set, and it will be on March 29th from 5 to 7 pm at Savagewood Brewing Co.

For more information on San Diego Beer Moms, find them on:

Facebook – San Diego Beer Moms

Instagram – SD Beer Moms


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