Gobble Meal Delivery Review – Part 2

We recently received our second meal delivery kit from Gobble.com. I actually did not remember that we had a kit scheduled to be delivered, and so did not get a chance to pick out which meals we were to be receiving. Boo hoo. That was especially unfortunate because husband wound up not being able to eat parts of the meals, and they were also meals that I probably would not have selected on my own, had I remembered. I wish Gobble could send out an email that reminds you to confirm your selections for the week before the deadline, but I can see why they don’t. This kind of email might spur people to skip their delivery for the week rather than confirming their meals.

Anywho, the meals were overall pretty good and we will definitely be ordering from Gobble again in the future.

Sicilian-style Albacore Tuna with Cauliflower Rice and Balsamic Glaze

This was surprisingly my favorite of the week. I was expecting the cauliflower rice to be bland, but it was delicious and had great texture. I was very impressed. For hubby’s portion, I excluded the garlic confit and he even commented that the meal was really good!


2018-03-06 18.13.02

Mandarin Orange Pork Chow Mein Stir Fry

This meal I had to eat on my own because of the amount of citrus that was involved. I enjoyed this meal as well, but I probably would not have selected it, if I had the option. The only probably I had while cooking this meal was that the noodle were all stuck together when I added them to the pan, so I had to break them apart by hand in order to keep the cooking going.

2018-03-07 17.51.15
2018-03-07 18.23.00

Pan Roasted Chicken with Green Bean Casserole and Mashed Potatoes

This meal was my least favorite of the week. I though the green bean casserole was incredibly bland and soupy. This would not have been that bad but that was the most time-consuming part of the meal, so I had high expectations for it. The mashed potatoes were very good though, but all I had to do to prepare them was put them in a bowl and microwave them since they were already prepared. Lol!

Hubby’s portion did not have the green bean casserole since he tries to avoid dairy and cannot eat mushrooms.


Gobble is still a great solution for mid-week meals, in my opinion, and I think they will continue to be a monthly part of my meal planning.

Freebies and Discounts for Twins and Multiples

I originally discovered that many companies offer freebies and discounts to parents after the birth of their twins or multiples through Twiniversity. I am so glad that I read about this because this is honestly something I would have never known about, and it is pretty darn easy to take advantage of.

Since the boys came unexpectedly early and were in the NICU for 4 weeks and life in general was crazy, I did not get around to working on this until 3 months after their birth.

To get started, you will need:

  • copies of their birth certificates or records of live birth from the hospital
  • a form letter (sample form letter can be found below)
  • envelopes and stamps
  • pen

This is an example of the form letter I used. To save paper, I printed two of the letters on each sheet of paper and cut them in half.


Dear Sir or Madam:

On [DATE OF BIRTH], my husband and I became the proud parents of twin boys. We understand that your company offers special benefits for families with multiples. We would love to take advantage of this offer and be added to any mailing list your company may keep for future coupons and informational mailings. Enclosed are copies of the proofs of birth for our children, [CHILDREN’S NAMES].

Thank you for your support of our family. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at [PHONE NUMBER].



Some of the companies are extremely generous with what they sent to us, some were not and some gave no response whatsoever. Remember that these companies are being generous when they give you anything, so I was grateful for whatever we received.

I put an asterisk (*) next to the brands that I thought gave the best freebies or discounts, in case you are like me and are lacking in the time department. Remember, these programs and freebies can change at any time.

Used contact form on their website. Received coupons for $1.50 and $2 off Aquaphor Baby products

Emailed through contact form on their website. Received coupons

Earth’s Best 
Consumer Relations
The Hain Celestial Group, Inc.
4600 Sleepytime Dr.
Boulder, CO 80301

Received coupons for discounted formula, baby food and diapers

Attn: Multiple Birth Program
445 State Street
Fremont, MI 49413

Received coupons, including two coupons for $10 off of $20 of Gerber baby food products.

Happy Family Foods *
Emailed [email protected] Received great coupons including free baby food, oatmeal and pouches.

Huggies *
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Department QMB-017063476A
P. O. Box 2020
Neenah, WI 54957-2020

Received coupons including free diapers

Luvs OR Pampers
Luvs [OR Pampers] Multiple Birth Offer
The Procter & Gamble Company
P.O. Box 599
Cincinnati, OH 45201

Received coupons for $3 off specific Procter & Gamble brand products

Ocean Spray Cranberries *
Consumer Affairs Dept.
1 Ocean Spray Drive
Lakeville-Middleborough, MA, 02349

Received coupons for free juice (64 oz or less) and Craisins (6 oz or less) and booklet of recipes

Similac *
If you are planning to formula feed or even if you want to have a stash of formula just in case, talk to your twins’ pediatrician about the Similac Multiple Birth Program. You will need to fill out a form from your pediatrician and mail it in with copies of birth certificates.

Received two cases of six 1 quart ready-to-feed bottles of Similar Pro-Advance formula


Attn: Multiple Birth Program
2021 9th Street SE
Dryersville, IA 52040

Received two packs of 6 Take & Toss sippy cups and 2 Freddie the Firefly rattle toys


Triple Paste for Triplets *
Summers Laboratories
103 G P Clement Drive
Collegeville, PA 19426

This program is technically for triplets and higher order multiples, but they honor requests from twin parents as well. To sign up, visit their Triple Paste for Triplets page here. Then fill out the form, and mail the completed form along with copies of the birth certificates. This program is so generous!

Received 8 oz jar of Triple Paste, 2 oz tube of Triple Paste, 8 oz bottle of Triple Wash, 3 bars of Comfort Bear Gentle Baby Soap and 3 cotton onesies. You also get 30% off Triple Paste products until their third birthday when you order directly from Triple Paste.


No Response

Boogie Wipes – used contact form on their website

1801 Commerce Dr.
Piqua, OH 45356

Handi-Craft Company (Dr. Brown’s)
4433 Fyler Avenue
St. Louis MO, 63116

This was my experience in May 2017. Addresses and programs may change at any time.

Museum Month: California Center for the Arts, Escondido

Did you take advantage of Macy’s Museum Month in February? Our month was so ridiculously busy that we were only able to make use of the pass one time. The combination of having lots of family visiting and being sick kept us from using it more.

Not to worry though. There is always next year and the next to visit some more of San Diego’s many fantastic museums!

We had a Saturday free, so we drove over to Escondido to visit the California Center of the Arts’ Museum. 

The museum is currently featuring two exhibits. The first one is Niki de Saint Phalle: Mythical California. After learning more about this artist, I really want to make a trip to see her Queen Califia’s Magical Circle sculpture garden also in Escondido! The exhibit featured the piece in miniature.

2018-02-24 14.03.34

2018-02-24 14.09.16

The second exhibit is called Inspired: A Mosaic Invitational, which features contemporary mosaic pieces. I loved how whimsical and kid-friendly most of the pieces were. They ranged from a junk food tree to a mosaic carousel horse, bear and turtle sculptures!

2018-02-24 14.26.24


2018-02-24 14.18.00


The museum is small, but it was definitely worth the trek out to Escondido, especially since we combined it with lunch at Stone Brewing Co. I loved sitting outside on the patio in the middle of February! It was gorgeous!

Did you get to use the Macy’s Museum Month pass this year?

San Diego Beer Moms – February Meetup

San Diego Beer Moms held its first event of 2018 last week, and now, that my schedule is finally back to normal, I was able to attend with the twins in tow. San Diego Beer Moms, part of the San Diego Moms Blog community, is a group of moms who love craft beer (duh!). They meet on a monthly basis at different breweries around San Diego County, to explore the beer scene and meet other moms. This was my first time attending an event, and I was a bit nervous to be honest!

The meetup was held at Ballast Point Brewing Company‘s Miramar location, which is a quick 15 minute drive from us.

2018-02-28 11.09.57

San Diego Beer Moms had a nice section of the tasting room reserved for the group and it included a number of four-seater high tops and a long high top communal table. There was also room for strollers!

The event included a drink ticket for one complimentary pint. I chose the Wahoo White, since I love citrus-y, light beers and it contains only 4.5% ABV for this light weight.

2018-02-28 22.46.31

I also ordered a house made hot pretzel with Sculpin beer cheese and California Amber beer mustard ($8) to soak up some of the beer so I could drive the kids and I to some errands afterwards!

2018-02-28 11.20.53

Aside from the booze and eats, the event was a fantastic way for me to get out and meet some moms! I am a total introvert and super reserved, but I feel like it is important for me to get out of the house every day and interact with grown adults at least of few times a week. I was lucky because everyone was super friendly!

2018-02-28 11.24.57

I am looking forward to attending another meet up soon!

The March meetup has been set, and it will be on March 29th from 5 to 7 pm at Savagewood Brewing Co.

For more information on San Diego Beer Moms, find them on:

Facebook – San Diego Beer Moms

Instagram – SD Beer Moms