Pregnant with Twins – Weeks 31 and 32

This post is long overdue because I became a mother about four weeks before we were expecting! Unbeknownst to me at the time, the photo above was to be my last pregnancy bump shot!
Babies’ size: cabbages (week 31)
Happenings: I learned about a parents of multiples group here in town and joined them for their monthly general meeting. There was a short yoga session and I stayed a little afterwards to chat with some of the moms. It was a fun evening!
Medical: During week 31, I had another appointment with the perinatalogist and everything seemed to be fine. They said I no longer needed to be checked for pre-term labor because at this point, the babies were far enough along that they would have a high survival rate even if I went into pre-term labor and that they would not try to stop them from coming. I did have another ultrasound to look at the babies, and they looked great!
On Friday, I was not feeling well, so I called my OB’s office after work and told them I was having gastric pain on my right side. This is one of the pre-eclampsia symptoms that they told me to watch out for. The nurse advised me to go to OB triage to get checked out just in case.
Hubby and I headed over to the hospital where I would be monitored. Hubby drew a picture of me while we were there! Hah!

The twins got checked out for a short time, and they looked fine. It was me who was having problems. My blood pressure was way too high. They eventually admitted me overnight and said I would have to be monitored for at least 24 hours. I was pretty uncomfortable. The babies were moving a lot, and I am not of fan of being in the hospital.

I was put on a liquid diet. I learned later that this was in case they had to deliver the babies. Hubby headed home late that night and I tried to get some sleep, which is almost impossible in the hospital with my monitors continuously going off and random people entering my room every 2 to 4 hours to check my vitals, draw blood or check on me.

The next morning was day one of my 32nd week of pregnancy and things took a turn. Stay tuned for the twins’ birth story.

Until then, here is a look back at all of my baby bump pictures!


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