Pregnant with Twins – Week 30

We are 3/4 of the way there! But since I am having a scheduled c-section, we only have 6 or 7 weeks left before the babies are here! It feels like it is coming up so soon.

Babies’ size: cucumbers

Symptoms: Pretty much the same as last week – Shortness of breath, fatigue, trouble sleeping, swollen feet and ankles, back pain, acid reflux. I’ve also started having Braxton-Hicks contractions and more rapid heart rate, which the doctors don’t seem to be too concerned about.  
Appetite: No changes. Still finding it hard to eat regular meals because I get so uncomfortable afterwards, but we don’t really have a lot of snacks in the house, so I wind up eating three meals anyway. 
Workouts/weight gain: No workouts. I actually lost weight this week, which kind of concerned me! 

Medical: As I mentioned last week, I have to go to the perinatal specialist every week now. This week I had my third test to check for pre-term labor, a short ultrasound to look at the babies and measure my cervix, and a non-stress test to measure the babies’ movements and heart rates and contractions. 

I also learned at this appointment that I do have preeclampsia. They are just going to continue to watch me more closely and I have to go to triage if I get more symptoms. Since the only real treatment for preeclampsia is to deliver the babies, I am hoping my condition does not worsen or develop into severe preeclampsia because I want them to stay put and keep growing for many more weeks. 
I also had an OB appointment this week that wasn’t as eventful. 
Happenings: Last weekend, hubby’s coworkers threw a joint baby shower with another couple from his group. The other couple is about a month ahead of me, but since I will deliver early, the babies will probably get here right around the same time. We got lots more presents, including some beautiful handmade quilts from hubby’s boss and his wife! 
We also attending a Baby Care Basics class this week. We both thought it was time well spent. We got lots of good tips and practiced changing the diaper, putting on clothes and swaddling the plastic baby doll.

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