Pregnant with Twins – Week 29

The belly is definitely getting bigger! We are getting closer and closer to meeting the babies every day, and we are getting more and more prepared every day! This week was rough, but we made it through. 

Babies’ size: Butternut squash 

Symptoms:  Shortness of breath, fatigue, trouble sleeping, swollen feet and ankles, back pain. Another fun one I’ve been having is acid reflux. 
Appetite: No changes. I haven’t been having any cravings besides fresh fruit and needing to drink a lot of water. I am so thirsty all of the time!
Workouts/weight gain: I pretty much stopped being able to walk the dogs every day due to the shortness of breath, and I also did not do any other workouts. I’m up about 25 pounds now. 

Medical: This is where our week went wonky. I had a perinatal appointment on Tuesday, and my blood pressure saga continued from last week. It was still severely high when they checked my vitals. We continued with the rest of my appointment, which included another cervix check and growth scan. The cervix is still long, and the babies are measuring right on track and weigh about 3 pounds each. 

They did see some fluid in their kidneys, but they said it is probably nothing to worry about and seems to happen a lot with boys. They said they would continue to monitor it and it will probably be back to normal in a few weeks.

At the end of my appointment, they wanted to re-check my blood pressure and it was still high. The doctor said I needed to go to the hospital that evening to be monitored. 

I met up with hubby and we went to dinner since we weren’t sure how long I was going to be in the hospital and then we were off to check into the OB triage. They wound up monitoring my blood pressure and the babies for about three hours and then we were able to go home. I was also given a steroid shot, which is to help the babies’ lungs develop in case they come early. I was also told to come back the next night to get the second dose of the steroid shot and have my blood pressure checked again. That was a short visit and I was in and out in about 20 minutes.    

While we didn’t really get any answers or make any changes to my treatment, it seems that they are worried that I am at risk for preeclampsia, which is dangerous for mommy and the babies, so if I start getting any worsening symptoms, I have to go back to the hospital right away. 

I am also going to be more closely watched. My perinatal appointments are now going to be weekly from here on out. 

Happenings: This week, we got a ton of hand me downs! I was expecting to get maybe a garbage bag full of clothes, but we wound up getting four boxes of stuff. My hairdresser’s sister-in-law was getting rid of her stuff and they saved the clothes for us. I am so amazed by people’s generosity and willingness to help.

I sorted all of the clothes and washed everything up to 6 months. This is just 6 to 9 months clothes that we got.

With the hospital scare that we had, I wanted to keep chugging along with getting everything in order in case I wind up in the hospital again or have to deliver the boys early.

I pretty much organized all of the gifts from our first baby shower and washed and folded most of the items that needed washing. I also finished putting up the decorations.

I think we are probably ahead of the curve in terms of where we are in preparations, but since our delivery date is a moving target, I feel better getting all of this stuff done ahead of time. 

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