Pregnant with Twins – Week 30

We are 3/4 of the way there! But since I am having a scheduled c-section, we only have 6 or 7 weeks left before the babies are here! It feels like it is coming up so soon.

Babies’ size: cucumbers

Symptoms: Pretty much the same as last week – Shortness of breath, fatigue, trouble sleeping, swollen feet and ankles, back pain, acid reflux. I’ve also started having Braxton-Hicks contractions and more rapid heart rate, which the doctors don’t seem to be too concerned about.  
Appetite: No changes. Still finding it hard to eat regular meals because I get so uncomfortable afterwards, but we don’t really have a lot of snacks in the house, so I wind up eating three meals anyway. 
Workouts/weight gain: No workouts. I actually lost weight this week, which kind of concerned me! 

Medical: As I mentioned last week, I have to go to the perinatal specialist every week now. This week I had my third test to check for pre-term labor, a short ultrasound to look at the babies and measure my cervix, and a non-stress test to measure the babies’ movements and heart rates and contractions. 

I also learned at this appointment that I do have preeclampsia. They are just going to continue to watch me more closely and I have to go to triage if I get more symptoms. Since the only real treatment for preeclampsia is to deliver the babies, I am hoping my condition does not worsen or develop into severe preeclampsia because I want them to stay put and keep growing for many more weeks. 
I also had an OB appointment this week that wasn’t as eventful. 
Happenings: Last weekend, hubby’s coworkers threw a joint baby shower with another couple from his group. The other couple is about a month ahead of me, but since I will deliver early, the babies will probably get here right around the same time. We got lots more presents, including some beautiful handmade quilts from hubby’s boss and his wife! 
We also attending a Baby Care Basics class this week. We both thought it was time well spent. We got lots of good tips and practiced changing the diaper, putting on clothes and swaddling the plastic baby doll.

Pregnant with Twins – Week 29

The belly is definitely getting bigger! We are getting closer and closer to meeting the babies every day, and we are getting more and more prepared every day! This week was rough, but we made it through. 

Babies’ size: Butternut squash 

Symptoms:  Shortness of breath, fatigue, trouble sleeping, swollen feet and ankles, back pain. Another fun one I’ve been having is acid reflux. 
Appetite: No changes. I haven’t been having any cravings besides fresh fruit and needing to drink a lot of water. I am so thirsty all of the time!
Workouts/weight gain: I pretty much stopped being able to walk the dogs every day due to the shortness of breath, and I also did not do any other workouts. I’m up about 25 pounds now. 

Medical: This is where our week went wonky. I had a perinatal appointment on Tuesday, and my blood pressure saga continued from last week. It was still severely high when they checked my vitals. We continued with the rest of my appointment, which included another cervix check and growth scan. The cervix is still long, and the babies are measuring right on track and weigh about 3 pounds each. 

They did see some fluid in their kidneys, but they said it is probably nothing to worry about and seems to happen a lot with boys. They said they would continue to monitor it and it will probably be back to normal in a few weeks.

At the end of my appointment, they wanted to re-check my blood pressure and it was still high. The doctor said I needed to go to the hospital that evening to be monitored. 

I met up with hubby and we went to dinner since we weren’t sure how long I was going to be in the hospital and then we were off to check into the OB triage. They wound up monitoring my blood pressure and the babies for about three hours and then we were able to go home. I was also given a steroid shot, which is to help the babies’ lungs develop in case they come early. I was also told to come back the next night to get the second dose of the steroid shot and have my blood pressure checked again. That was a short visit and I was in and out in about 20 minutes.    

While we didn’t really get any answers or make any changes to my treatment, it seems that they are worried that I am at risk for preeclampsia, which is dangerous for mommy and the babies, so if I start getting any worsening symptoms, I have to go back to the hospital right away. 

I am also going to be more closely watched. My perinatal appointments are now going to be weekly from here on out. 

Happenings: This week, we got a ton of hand me downs! I was expecting to get maybe a garbage bag full of clothes, but we wound up getting four boxes of stuff. My hairdresser’s sister-in-law was getting rid of her stuff and they saved the clothes for us. I am so amazed by people’s generosity and willingness to help.

I sorted all of the clothes and washed everything up to 6 months. This is just 6 to 9 months clothes that we got.

With the hospital scare that we had, I wanted to keep chugging along with getting everything in order in case I wind up in the hospital again or have to deliver the boys early.

I pretty much organized all of the gifts from our first baby shower and washed and folded most of the items that needed washing. I also finished putting up the decorations.

I think we are probably ahead of the curve in terms of where we are in preparations, but since our delivery date is a moving target, I feel better getting all of this stuff done ahead of time. 

Pregnant with Twins – Weeks 27 and 28

Last week was so busy that I missed my weekly update so you get two weeks in one today! We are officially in the third trimester! I can’t believe it. 
Babies’ size: Cauliflower (week 27) and eggplants (week 28)

Symptoms: Entering the third trimester has not been kind to me. I am having tons of new symptoms that I haven’t experienced since the first trimester: from fatigue to frequent urination, swelling feet and ankles and trouble sleeping. One of the worst new symptoms is shortness of breath. I am having trouble walking the pups on a daily basis and even standing for an extended period of time. 

I’ve been able to combat a couple of the symptoms. The painful swelling is eased by putting my feet up and doing “legs up the wall.” The shortness of breath is helped by stopping what I’m doing and sitting or laying down. 
Appetite: I have not been having any cravings or felt any increase in my appetite. I am just trying to eat small meals and several snacks throughout the day. I have found that if I eat regular or large-sized meals that I feel incredibly uncomfortable afterwards. Eating smaller portions throughout the day has helped me. 
Workouts/weight gain: I walked 5 miles in the last two weeks, and I’m up to 24 pounds of weight gain. I think it is going to be tougher and tougher for me to workout as my pregnancy progresses. 

Medical: I had my 28 week OB visit. Everything went fine except that they are trying to figure out if my blood pressure is going to be an issue. It was very high when they did the first reading. I had to lay down and then they did a second reading, which was normal. They ordered some lab tests to check to see if I need to be more closely monitored. 

Happenings: In addition to our baby shower last week, we took some maternity photos in one of our local parks. We didn’t want to hire a photographer since having twins is a little expensive, so my sister graciously agreed to take the photos for us. Thanks, sister! 
Hubby’s mom and stepdad stayed on for a couple of days after the baby shower, and they did so much for us! They put together the nursery dresser. The dresser’s height was a few inches shorter than ideal for changing babies, so they also built a riser underneath the dresser to bring it up to a better height. They also put together our glider, stroller and other gifts and installed a shelf above the dresser/changing station. The nursery is coming together and it looks so adorable!
They also installed a countertop for our laundry room, which we have been putting off so long. This is one item that definitely would not have been done if it weren’t for them! We are so grateful for their help and the generosity of their time! 

Twins Baby Shower

It was baby shower day this past Saturday! Or should I say BABIES shower? The shower was so adorable and fun. I can’t thank Liza, Amanda and Rebecca enough for their kindness and thoughtfulness in putting this together! I hope all of our guests enjoyed themselves. 

 As you know from my previous posts, the twins’ nursery is going to have a safari/jungle theme, and our hostesses incorporated that theme into the baby shower decor. Everything was so cute and lovingly handmade!

We decided to have a co-ed baby shower, and one of our hostesses made these buttons for us and all of the family members as well. Many of our family members traveled from out of state to be here this weekend. It was so meaningful! I hope they liked their cute “Grandma To Be,” “Grandpa To Be,” and “Auntie To Be” buttons! Toots adorbs. 

My contribution to the shower was making two three-tiered diaper cakes. They were actually pretty simple to construct and turned out well.

As guests were arriving, everyone had the opportunity to contribute to an ABC book for the twins. We had to break out the colored pencils and remember how to stay within the lines. I can’t wait to see the finished book. My sister took the pages back home with her to Texas to get laminated and bound.

After enjoying lunch, it was time for a couple of games. The first game was a “Guess Who” game, where guests had to guess whether something baby-related pertained to me or hubby. Example: whose mother was in labor for seven hours? Answer: Hubby! Whoever got the most correct won.

The second game was so funny. Our guests had to make a baby out of clay and then hubby and I judged which one was the best. They finished babies were so different from each other and creative.

The afternoon proceeded with the opening of gifts. I always find this part of showers to be kind of awkward, but our family and friends were so generous that we couldn’t help but be shocked by their generosity and thankful for them.

Gus wanted to help open gifts too!

The afternoon ended with dessert. I felt so bad cutting into this beautiful cake!

What a wonderful afternoon to spend with friends and family! It also was a milestone week for us because we reached the third trimester this weekend. The babies are going to be here before we know it!