Pregnant with Twins – Week 25

Symptoms: fatigue, constipation, back pain, bloody noses, swollen ankles

Babies’ size: acorn squashes 

Appetite: I have been having some typical pregnancy cravings and some not so typical cravings. I really want sweets and pickled items like kimchi and dill pickles. I also have been craving fresh fruit and salad. 

Workouts/weight gain: This week I walked 8.3 miles and had my first prenatal yoga session of the new year! Still loving the complimentary classes that are available through my hospital. It is such a great perk. I think I am up close to 20 pounds now! 

Medical: I had another appointment with the perinatal specialist this week. We had another growth scan and they babes are looking good. They are both around 2 pounds now. They also measured my cervix again and it is still long, which means that they aren’t worried about me going into pre-term labor at the moment. The babies need to stay and there and keep growing! I also find out that I passed my glucose test. Woohoo! I actually wasn’t even close to failing. My blood test results did show that I am anemic though, so I have to add yet another supplement to my diet! 

Happenings: We started decorating the nursery. We bought these adorable safari-themed wall decals. Things are coming together. Those pieces next to the decals are parts for the dresser, which arrived this week as well but has not been assembled yet.

The baby shower invitations went out right after the new year, and we have already been getting some gifts delivered. The shower is in just two more weeks. I wanted to have it early since I wasn’t sure how big I was going to be or if I was going to have twin-related complications, but thankfully none of that so far!

Amazon Welcome Box
I also got the last of my registry welcome boxes. Some of the items look very very familiar! My favorite item by far is of course the swaddle! Hello, it is hedgehog print!

– Amazon sensitive baby wipes (80 counts)
– Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion sample
– Aquaphor Healing Ointment sample
– oball o-copter toy
– munchkin Latch nursing pads (2 pads)
– Phillips Avent bottle
– same Pampers sample as the other welcome bags (one diaper and 6 wipes in a printed pouch)
– Swaddle Designs muslin swaddle – cute hedgehog design

What I’m Looking Forward to: My baby shower! Getting more of the nursery set up.

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