Pregnant with Twins – Week 23

Happy New Year!! This is the year that my babies will be born. Only three more months until we get to meet them!

Symptoms: Nose bleeds, trouble sleeping, back pain, frequent urination.

Babies’ size: Grapefruits
Appetite: Not much different. We have been on vacation this week, so we have been eating so poorly! I’m ready to get back to my normal meals and hopefully, that will make me feel a little better. 

Workouts/weight gain: Yoga one time this week. I did a lot of walking this week and got in 6.82 miles.

Medical: No appointments this week.
Happenings: We had an exciting week celebrating Christmas in California. We drove from Albuquerque to San Diego to meet my nephew for the first time. He was born on Halloween. It was so nice to have a nice break even though it required A LOT of driving. I will tell you more about our Christmas later this week.
What I’m Looking Forward to: My baby shower is in a few weeks so I am looking forward to celebrating with friends and family. We also have not really purchased anything baby-related besides the cribs so I am looking forward to getting more prepared for the babies’s arrival!

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