Star Wars Half Marathon – The Light Side 2017 – Race Recap

As I mentioned in my last post, I completed the Star Wars Half Marathon – The Light Side at the Disneyland Resort in California on Sunday, January 15, 2017. This was my sixth half marathon, and I was 26 weeks pregnant with my chicken nugget twins on that date.

DISCLAIMER: I am under the care of multiple physicians during my pregnancy. I have monthly visits with my physicians and asked during each visit if I could continue to travel and prepare for this race. I saw my physician three days before leaving for this trip to get a final okay. Check with your physician before attempting a half marathon during pregnancy!

I was originally supposed to do this race last January, but I was not able to due to medical treatment I was receiving. I am happy that I was able to do it this year because my sister and brother-in-law were there too and my race registration did not go to waste since I had already deferred once.

runDisney Health and Fitness Expo

On Saturday, we spent the majority of the day at the runDisney Health and Fitness Expo, which was located at the Disneyland Hotel. Since this was also where we were staying, it was super convenient for us!

First things first, we had to pick up our bibs. Since both the 5K and 10K had already occurred by the time we made it to packet pick up, there were very few lines.

We got to meet Jeff Galloway, former Olympian, author and all-around nice man, finally. I have seen him so many times at different Expos but there were always so many people trying to speak to him. This time, we finally go to say hello!

We also bought some merchandise. Many items were already sold out by this time since it was the third and final day of the expo. I got the runDisney sneaker Christmas tree ornament and a Star Wars Half Marathon coffee mug. 

We also got taped at the KT Tape booth. They are now charging $5 for taping. 
While at the Expo, we also picked up our race shirts. Yay for long sleeved tech shirts! 

Pre-Race Night

We needed to have an early night since we were setting our alarm clocks for 3 am. Oof! So we were off to dinner at 5 pm. We headed to Roscoe’s House of Chicken N Waffles for some protein and carbs. I noticed some of our fellow runners had the same idea!

I had a waffle and thigh, a biscuit with gravy and shared some collard greens. Yum! So full.

Then it was back to the hotel to lay out our clothes for the morning! My costume was a simple Ewok costume. Gear for the day was: 
– Ewok Ladies Hooded Tank Top from
– Brown Sparkle Skirt
– Black maternity leggings from Motherhood Maternity
– Black adidas arm compression sleeves
– Black CEP leg compression sleeves
– Black Balega Hidden Comfort socks
– Asics GT-1000 shoes (they, sadly, need to be retired now)
– I also borrowed my sister’s running belt but I don’t remember the brand
My sister also made me this adorable sign to wear on my back. I was worried about aggressive/inconsiderate runners in the crowd, so having this sign on my back was at least a bit of a warning for them to try to avoid me! 

Star Wars Half Marathon – The Light Side 2017

We didn’t miss our alarms! We made it downstairs at around 4:15 am and then waited around until the announcers told us to head to our corrals. Thankfully, there were some things to pass the time like take silly pictures.

Here we are in the trash compactor from Episode IV. Only my sister seems to be trying to get us out of there.

Then it was time for a potty stop, stretching and then heading to the corrals. The way the corrals were set up was much nicer than my last Disneyland race. They basically just funnel you right into your corral. Easy peasy. We were all assigned corral G, which was nice. We didn’t have to stand in our corrals alone for 45 minutes.

The race was set to start at 5:30 am, and according to my RunKeeper, we started in corral G at 6:02 am.

Approaching the starting line

The course was set up so that the first few miles were through the parks and then the rest of the course was B-O-R-I-N-G!! Our plan was to meet up at the mile markers or character stops in the parks and then it was everyone for themselves. My plan was to get as many pictures in the parks as possible and hope that once I left the parks, I did not get swept!

We entered California Adventure first and ran through Cars Land!

I met up with my sister at the first mile marker and then we met the BIL at the first character stop: R2D2!

Running past Paradise Pier is one of my favorite parts of the course!

Watch out for that Ewok on the speeder bike!

Around mile 3, we were in Disneyland and met up with some Stormtroopers by It’s a Small World!

I knew my time was getting bad so I skipped the BB8 character stop.

I did, of course, have to stop for a castle picture though.

We all met up one last time for Chewbacca before heading out on the streets of Anaheim and Garden Grove on our own!

Having the twins on board sign on my back was nice because people mostly avoided me and so many people gave me words of congratulations and encouragement.

The course was so crowded that I never could tell when I photographer was coming up. I only noticed them right when I was in front of them. Here is what it looks like when I am oblivious to the photographers.

Here is what it looks like when I finally realize they are there!

The rest of the course was unexciting. I had stopped a lot in the parks, including taking two bathroom breaks because I wanted to take advantage of the actual bathrooms rather than the porta-potties.

My head was definitely in the game though. My goal was to make as far as I could before getting swept, but in reality, I knew that I did not want to get swept under any circumstance, so I pressed on and did not stop pretty much for anything. No pictures, no water (since I had my own) and no bathroom.

There was not much to see on the course until the 501st Legion. They are an international Star Wars cosplay group and they definitely represented at the race. These photos were all taken by my sister.

Around mile 11, I really needed the bathroom so I made my final stop until the finish line. The course was so crowded that it was impossible for me to take a posed finish line photo, so this is what I got!

Getting to the finish line was definitely dicey at times. I knew I was near the back of the pack because every now and then, staff at the mile markers would tell us how close the balloon ladies were. At one point. they were 18 minutes away, then 11 minutes and then 2 minutes! The 2 minute warning happened around miles 11 and 12 and I had a hunch that they weren’t going to sweep people at that point.

It turned out there was nothing to worry about and I finished! My sister and brother-in-law waited for me at the finish area and we took more silly pictures before heading back to the hotel.

This medal was by far the hardest earn race medal I have gotten and I love it! 


Mile 1 – 16:13
Mile 2 – 26:05 *slowest mile*
Mile 3 – 15:23 *fastest mile*
Mile 4 – 20:52
Mile 5 – 19:51
Mile 6 – 16:04
Mile 7 – 16:40
Mile 8 – 16:32
Mile 9 – 17:19
Mile 10 – 17:52
Mile 11 – 21:49
Mile 12 – 17:17
Mile 13 – 18:23

Further evidence of just how slow my time was –
Finishing time: 4:05:30
Place 12400 out of 12434 finishers
Gender Place 7004 out of 7028 women

It was definitely a personal worst but I am glad I and the twinnies finished! They really should have given me three medals at the finish line!

The rest of the day, I was so unbelievably sore, my feet and calves in particular. It was quite painful, but a good night’s sleep got me back to feeling pregnant normal!

Pregnant with Twins – Week 26

This week was super eventful! Mostly because I learned what it is like to do a half marathon while pregnant with twins. Let’s just say that it is as hard as it sounds! Stay tuned for a full report on my half marathon experience.

The twins are getting huge! There are two heads of lettuce in my belly! 

Symptoms: I have officially entered cankle territory! My ankles are so swollen at night and feel very uncomfortable. I feel like I have to pee all of the time during the night, so that makes me get out of bed several times and is not helping with my sleep. Other symptoms: bloody noses, thirsty all of the time, trouble finding a comfortable sleep position.

Hello, cankles!

Babies’ size: Heads of lettuce

Appetite: My appetite has been increasing over the last week, meaning I am eating very often. I was craving chocolate this week, so I may or may not have made a chocolate pudding pie with Oreo crust for myself. Teeheehee…..

Workouts/weight gain: I walked almost 15 miles this week, including the 13.1 from the half marathon. Weight gain is up to 21.8 pounds.

Medical: The last of my monthly OB visits was this week. I will now be seeing my OB every other week for the next few weeks and then every week until the babies arrive. My OB visit was fairly quick. We took a peek at the babies and they are getting much bigger and moving around a lot.  

Happenings: As I mentioned, I did a half marathon while 26 weeks pregnant and also traveled to Orange County, California to do it. As far as I am concerned, that was my last trip out of town until the babies arrive!
Countdown to the baby shower has begun! We will be celebrating the babies’s arrival this Saturday with friends and family! This is the current situation in my living room. Amazon boxes everywhere! I must say that our friends and family are insanely generous and are showing so much love to our babies already. 

I have been doing some prep from the baby shower as well like putting together some decorations, wrapping presents and organizing the house and nursery for the big event. I still need to figure out what I am going to wear. 

What I’m Looking Forward to: Other than the baby shower, I am looking forward to getting more organized with all of our baby stuff. I am also actually looking forward to my bi-weekly OB appointments too even though it is going to take more of my time. I like the extra care and monitoring because I am an anxious person by nature and the monthly appointments always seemed so spread out. 

Pregnant with Twins – Week 25

Symptoms: fatigue, constipation, back pain, bloody noses, swollen ankles

Babies’ size: acorn squashes 

Appetite: I have been having some typical pregnancy cravings and some not so typical cravings. I really want sweets and pickled items like kimchi and dill pickles. I also have been craving fresh fruit and salad. 

Workouts/weight gain: This week I walked 8.3 miles and had my first prenatal yoga session of the new year! Still loving the complimentary classes that are available through my hospital. It is such a great perk. I think I am up close to 20 pounds now! 

Medical: I had another appointment with the perinatal specialist this week. We had another growth scan and they babes are looking good. They are both around 2 pounds now. They also measured my cervix again and it is still long, which means that they aren’t worried about me going into pre-term labor at the moment. The babies need to stay and there and keep growing! I also find out that I passed my glucose test. Woohoo! I actually wasn’t even close to failing. My blood test results did show that I am anemic though, so I have to add yet another supplement to my diet! 

Happenings: We started decorating the nursery. We bought these adorable safari-themed wall decals. Things are coming together. Those pieces next to the decals are parts for the dresser, which arrived this week as well but has not been assembled yet.

The baby shower invitations went out right after the new year, and we have already been getting some gifts delivered. The shower is in just two more weeks. I wanted to have it early since I wasn’t sure how big I was going to be or if I was going to have twin-related complications, but thankfully none of that so far!

Amazon Welcome Box
I also got the last of my registry welcome boxes. Some of the items look very very familiar! My favorite item by far is of course the swaddle! Hello, it is hedgehog print!

– Amazon sensitive baby wipes (80 counts)
– Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion sample
– Aquaphor Healing Ointment sample
– oball o-copter toy
– munchkin Latch nursing pads (2 pads)
– Phillips Avent bottle
– same Pampers sample as the other welcome bags (one diaper and 6 wipes in a printed pouch)
– Swaddle Designs muslin swaddle – cute hedgehog design

What I’m Looking Forward to: My baby shower! Getting more of the nursery set up.

Christmas 2016 Highlights

I broke my promise of writing this post last week, but better late than never. Work was extremely busy last week so I didn’t have much time to do other things. Here are a few highlights from our nine day trip to California over Christmas break. We drove from Albuquerque to California and then back.

Drive – Part 1

The drive from Albuquerque to San Diego is roughly 12 hours so we broke it up into two days. We traveled to Tucson on Christmas Eve and then on to San Diego on Christmas Day.

Attempt at a Nativity Scene photo with the pups in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. This was the best they could do!

Mountains in Arizona

Sunset from day 1

Dust storm in Arizona

Saguaro cacti in Arizona. We don’t have these in Albuquerque!

So many cacti dotting the landscape

Cuddling pups in the backseat

Sand dunes in California

Driving through the mountains to San Diego

Christmas Eve Dinner in Tucson

We spent the first night of our road trip in Tucson and had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner at Maynard’s Kitchen, which is located in Downtown. The food was so good!

Bibb lettuce salad with shaved fennel, red grape relish and candied walnuts

Pan-roasted duck – chipotle apricot glas, sauteed butternut squash and lemon, braised greens, blackberry pan jus and puffed barley

Venison special

Sweet Potato beignets with white chocolate caramel

Vanilla creme brulee with fresh berries and ginger crip

Christmas Dinner in San Diego

The main purpose of our trip to California was to meet our nephew, Lucas, for the first time. He was born on Halloween, and we wanted to see him before it became too difficult for us to travel. Once the twins arrive, who knows when we will be able to make a trip! My parents also came down for Christmas Day. It was nice spending Christmas with them. I don’t think we have had Christmas together since 2009. 
We decided to have Chinese hot pot for Christmas dinner. It definitely hit the spot! Yum!

After dinner, it was time to open presents. Gus and Carson got lots of presents too!

Hotel del Coronado

One evening we headed over to the Hotel del Coronado for a visit. It was so pretty and festive!

Broad Museum

We drove up to Los Angeles and spent two nights at my parents’ house. We were able to visit the Broad Museum one afternoon. I love that place!

Sleepy Hollow Christmas Lights

My mom and I visited the Sleepy Hollow Christmas Lights in Torrance one evening. This was the first time I had gone to see them. In fact, I didn’t even know they existed until this year!

Drive – Part 2

On our drive home, we hit some winter weather in Arizona! Definitely a winter wonderland. 

Eventually, we made it back to the sunshine in New Mexico and the gorgeous landscape!

The roadtrip was a bit rough being pregnant and all, but it was definitely worth making the trip and getting a nice break!

Pregnant with Twins – Week 24

The kiddos are getting big! I can pretty much feel them moving around all throughout the day now, which is both cool and reassuring! 

Symptoms: Trouble sleeping, including waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep immediately, back pain, frequent urination, constipation.

Babies’ size: Ears of corn
Appetite: Still craving sweets!! 

Workouts/weight gain: Walked 10 miles. Not sure about weight gain.

Medical: I had a regular dental appointment this week. Did you know that half of all pregnant women have dental issues that appear during pregnancy but should go away once the baby is born? Well, I’m one of those women. I apparently have developed some gum issues, but the dentist doesn’t want to do anything while I am pregnant and is hoping I will be back to normal at my next six month visit. Yikes! 

I also had my glucose test this week. The test is to see if you are at risk for gestational diabetes and involves going to the office, drinking a bottle of glucose water within five minutes, then waiting for one hour before your blood is drawn. I felt slightly ill after drinking the drink and felt off the rest of the day. I still have not received my test results, so here is to hoping I passed. If you don’t pass the test, you have to go back and take another test that requires fasting and is a three hour test instead of a one hour test. 
Happenings: We have cribs! Well, we bought the cribs a while ago but we finally got all of the furniture moved out of what used to be hubby’s office. We also cleaned the whole room and hubby built the cribs this week! Woohoo! 
My favorite thing to do now is walk past the room and imagine my two little boys sleeping in their cribs. *Heart*
What I’m Looking Forward to: Seeing the kiddos again. We have an appointment with the MFM next week and I am excited to see how big they have gotten. 

Pregnant with Twins – Week 23

Happy New Year!! This is the year that my babies will be born. Only three more months until we get to meet them!

Symptoms: Nose bleeds, trouble sleeping, back pain, frequent urination.

Babies’ size: Grapefruits
Appetite: Not much different. We have been on vacation this week, so we have been eating so poorly! I’m ready to get back to my normal meals and hopefully, that will make me feel a little better. 

Workouts/weight gain: Yoga one time this week. I did a lot of walking this week and got in 6.82 miles.

Medical: No appointments this week.
Happenings: We had an exciting week celebrating Christmas in California. We drove from Albuquerque to San Diego to meet my nephew for the first time. He was born on Halloween. It was so nice to have a nice break even though it required A LOT of driving. I will tell you more about our Christmas later this week.
What I’m Looking Forward to: My baby shower is in a few weeks so I am looking forward to celebrating with friends and family. We also have not really purchased anything baby-related besides the cribs so I am looking forward to getting more prepared for the babies’s arrival!