Pregnant with Twins – Week 22

Merry Christmas everyone! Another week! It feels like time is flying but also like we have a ways to go. Three more months until babies are here!

Symptoms: My nose bleeds are pretty much a nightly occurrence at this point. Sleep is unpredictable. Some nights I will have a great night’s rest and others will be horrible. I was having awful mid-back pain and sciatica pain but that seems to have gone away. 

Babies’ size: Papayas

Appetite: Not much different. I have been craving things I am not supposed to eat like sushi and beef.  

Workouts/weight gain: Yoga one time this week. I have also finally been upping my walking mileage. I got in 11.5 miles this week! I have gained almost 17 pounds.  

Medical: On Wednesday, I had another OB appointment. These appointments are always very uneventful which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Usually the only things involved are taking my weight and vitals, listening to the babies’ hearts and then giving a little update. I am usually in the exam room for no more than 15 minutes, which is a far cry from my MFM appointments which have lasted up to 3 hours. 

Happenings: I had my first prenatal massage last week as well and it was heaven! I really needed it going into the week before Christmas. 

We also finished moving the furniture out of the nursery. Now, I want to clean the room and then we can start building the cribs and decorating.

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