River of Lights at ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden

Celebrating its 20th year, Albuquerque’s River of Lights was recently named one of The 15 Most Spectacular Holiday Light Displays in the U.S. by MSN. Last weekend, hubby and I decided at the last minute to visit the holiday display for the first time. It was relatively warm (in the mid-40s) and we wanted to get out of the house for a bit.

River of Lights features over 500 light displays including some animated sculptures. Additionally, there is nightly entertainment, model train displays and a chance to meet Santa Claus. A visit to River of Lights is fun for the whole family. 

As first time visitors to River of Lights, we were not prepared for how popular the event was. We used the free Park and Ride at the BioPark Zoo because that is where I thought the event was taking place. Whoops. It worked out to our benefit though since traffic and parking around the Botanic Garden was a mess.

We also failed to purchase tickets in advance so we had to go to the ticket booth first and then wait in a huge line to enter the Botanic Garden. Definitely buy tickets in advance!

Although it was not super cold this night, I am glad I wore a puffy jacket, hat, scarf and boots. I needed it and hubby was definitely feeling cold after being outside for a couple of hours. 

Since River of Lights takes place at the botanic garden, many of the light displays feature plants and flowers, but there are also many other types of displays like animals, Christmas trees and dinosaurs.

I always have a hard time getting into the holiday spirit most years because work is always at its most busy during the months of December and January. Attending events like River of Lights is a way for me to get out of work mode and into celebrating the season.

Christmas is the most magical time of year, but the stress of the season usually has me overwhelmed. I am glad we got to take a little break and see River of Lights this year.

I am looking forward to bringing the twin boys to see for twinkling lights one year!

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