Pregnant with Twins – Week 22

Merry Christmas everyone! Another week! It feels like time is flying but also like we have a ways to go. Three more months until babies are here!

Symptoms: My nose bleeds are pretty much a nightly occurrence at this point. Sleep is unpredictable. Some nights I will have a great night’s rest and others will be horrible. I was having awful mid-back pain and sciatica pain but that seems to have gone away. 

Babies’ size: Papayas

Appetite: Not much different. I have been craving things I am not supposed to eat like sushi and beef.  

Workouts/weight gain: Yoga one time this week. I have also finally been upping my walking mileage. I got in 11.5 miles this week! I have gained almost 17 pounds.  

Medical: On Wednesday, I had another OB appointment. These appointments are always very uneventful which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Usually the only things involved are taking my weight and vitals, listening to the babies’ hearts and then giving a little update. I am usually in the exam room for no more than 15 minutes, which is a far cry from my MFM appointments which have lasted up to 3 hours. 

Happenings: I had my first prenatal massage last week as well and it was heaven! I really needed it going into the week before Christmas. 

We also finished moving the furniture out of the nursery. Now, I want to clean the room and then we can start building the cribs and decorating.

Pregnant with Twins – Week 21

We forgot to take a bump photo this week! Whoops! But we had quite the eventful week.
I got to see the babies again, and I have been getting more and more uncomfortable.

Symptoms: Frequent nose bleeds, back pain, trouble sleeping, digestive issues, aches and pains. Trouble bending over. Can’t see my toes anymore when I’m standing up straight. I am also so thirsty at different times of the day. 

Babies’ size: Pomegranate

Appetite: Same as usual except I have been craving sweets and carbs again. 

Workouts/weight gain: Yoga two times this week and walked 2.85 miles. I didn’t weigh myself this week. 

Medical: On Monday, I had an appointment with the perinatologist. I had a level 3 ultrasound with an echocardiogram. My appointments can run quite long because they need to take all of the pictures of both babies. My back was hurting so bad that I had to stop a few times during the ultrasound. The good news is that both babies are doing well. 
Baby A weighs 1 lb, is 10.7 inches long and measures in the 56th percentile.
Baby B weighs 1 lb and 2 ounces, is 11.2 inches long and measures in the 88th percentile. Big baby!
We also got some 3D pictures for the first time. They are starting to look like little dudes instead of blobs! 

Heehee. I love Baby B’s tiny foot!

I had another chiropractor appointment this week as well, which went well. I probably won’t be back for another month or so. 

Happenings: I finally caved in and bought a pregnancy pillow. I don’t know what took me so long to get it, but I have been sleeping slightly better at night. My back would be hurting so bad that I have been waking up super early in the morning even though I am still exhausted and I would just to get out of bed. Then, of course, I would be so sleepy during the day that I need to take a nap. Not very conducive to being productive and working. 

While I was at BuyBuyBaby, I also picked up another registry welcome bag (Carson not included). 

Buy Buy Baby Registry Welcome bag
– three issues of Fit Pregnancy and Baby magazine
– Pampers diaper (1) and wipes (6) in a cute printed pouch (same as the one from Babies R Us)
– Seventh Generation diapers (2)
– Blue Lizard Australian baby sunscreen sample
– Boogie wipes (1 count)
– Shea Moisture Shampoo/Baby Wash and Lotion samples
– Lansinoh HPA Lanolin nipple cream sample
– Lansinoh 2 disposable nursing pads and 2 breastmilk storage bags
– Dapple dish washing liquid sample
– Dapple pacifier wipe sample
– Balmex diaper rash cream sample
– Noodle & Boo lotion sample 
– $20 Shutterfly gift card
– $5 Buy Buy Baby coupon
– babyganics hand wipe and laundry detergent samples
– chicco NaturalFit pacifier
– Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion sample
– Mustela no rinse cleansing water and body lotion samples
– Safety 1st Baby on Board sign
– Reuseable gift bag
– Bunch of coupons

This welcome bag has taken the lead from Target’s!

River of Lights at ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden

Celebrating its 20th year, Albuquerque’s River of Lights was recently named one of The 15 Most Spectacular Holiday Light Displays in the U.S. by MSN. Last weekend, hubby and I decided at the last minute to visit the holiday display for the first time. It was relatively warm (in the mid-40s) and we wanted to get out of the house for a bit.

River of Lights features over 500 light displays including some animated sculptures. Additionally, there is nightly entertainment, model train displays and a chance to meet Santa Claus. A visit to River of Lights is fun for the whole family. 

As first time visitors to River of Lights, we were not prepared for how popular the event was. We used the free Park and Ride at the BioPark Zoo because that is where I thought the event was taking place. Whoops. It worked out to our benefit though since traffic and parking around the Botanic Garden was a mess.

We also failed to purchase tickets in advance so we had to go to the ticket booth first and then wait in a huge line to enter the Botanic Garden. Definitely buy tickets in advance!

Although it was not super cold this night, I am glad I wore a puffy jacket, hat, scarf and boots. I needed it and hubby was definitely feeling cold after being outside for a couple of hours. 

Since River of Lights takes place at the botanic garden, many of the light displays feature plants and flowers, but there are also many other types of displays like animals, Christmas trees and dinosaurs.

I always have a hard time getting into the holiday spirit most years because work is always at its most busy during the months of December and January. Attending events like River of Lights is a way for me to get out of work mode and into celebrating the season.

Christmas is the most magical time of year, but the stress of the season usually has me overwhelmed. I am glad we got to take a little break and see River of Lights this year.

I am looking forward to bringing the twin boys to see for twinkling lights one year!

Pregnant with Twins – Week 20

20 weeks!! If I were having a “normal/singleton” pregnancy, this would mark the traditional halfway point. Even though we passed the halfway point some weeks ago, I still feel like this is a special milestone week for us. It took us so long to get here. 

Not much changed this week.

Symptoms: Frequent nose bleeds, back pain, trouble sleeping, digestive issues, aches and pains. Trouble bending over. Can’t see my toes anymore when I’m standing up straight.

Babies’ size: Banana

Appetite: Same as usual except I have been craving sweets and sandwiches. Bring me all the carbs! 

Workouts/weight gain: My hospital has free prenatal yoga classes several times a month, so I have been taking advantage of going when I can. I always feel so much better afterwards. I did two sessions of prenatal yoga this week, one at home and one at the hospital. I also walked a total of 5.68 miles. I’ve gained about another two pounds at this point. 12 pounds total. 

Medical: My back has been seriously causing me a lot of pain, so I finally went to the chiropractor this week. The chiropractor uses a miss of gentle adjustments and massage therapy. I felt completely different after my appointment. 

Happenings: Not a ton on this front. We are still trying to convert the office into the nursery by getting everything out of that room. Hubby’s desk is still in there at this point because we need help getting it out. Hopefully, that will happen this week. 

We also received our cribs, crib mattresses and mattress covers this week, but there are still waiting to be set up. 

Pregnant with Twins – Week 19

Symptoms: Frequent nose bleeds, back pain, trouble sleeping, digestive issues.

Babies’ size: Mango 

Appetite: Same as last week.

Workouts/weight gain: I didn’t get a lot in this week due to traveling. Just yoga and walking, which I didn’t keep track of because my FitBit died when I was out of town.  

Medical: No appointments/updates this week.

Happenings: We celebrated our last Thanksgiving as a family of two! On Thanksgiving Day, we went to volunteer at the homeless shelter, which was such a nice experience. So we wound up having Thanksgiving dinner on Black Friday instead.    

That weekend we also bought our new car. We decided to go with a Honda Pilot, which is huge compared to my previous RAV4. I love it so far though. Originally, we had planned on just getting a newer model RAV4, but after reading some more, we decided that with the two baby seats and the two doggies, we probably needed something a little larger. Having the optional third row of seating is also helpful for when visitors come to town and it will just give us extra cargo room for when it is just the four of us. 

We did some nursery planning. We have to switch hubby’s office into the nursery, so we worked on figuring out where to put the furniture and things in that room.

I took one last trip to DC for the year. It might wind up being my last trip to DC for a while since I am not sure when my doctors are going to cut off my travel and I don’t have a future trip planned at this time. I love seeing the Christmas decorations around DC but it was still rather early. I did get to see the Macy’s window displays and the Norwegian Christmas tree at Union Station though!

Macy’s Holiday Window

Norwegian Christmas Tree

Registry fun:
Hubby and I didn’t have a traditional wedding and since we got married in our 30’s, it didn’t make sense to us to register for household items, so this is the first opportunity we have had to create store registries. It is kind of fun to set up a registry, if a little overwhelming. 

Another fun thing is getting free stuff! I went to Babies R Us and Target to pick up my registry welcome bags. Here is what I got.

Babies R Us Welcome Bag:
– Enfamil Newborn Infant Formula
– Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula
– Pampers diaper (1) and wipes (6) in a cute printed pouch
– MAM 5 oz baby bottle
– Mustela Stretch Mark Prevention cream and No rinse cleansing water samples
– Babies R Us magnetic photo frame
– $20 Shutterfly gift card
– $25 tinyprints gift card
– Bunch of $5 off $25 purchase at Babies R Us (3 of them are already expired) and other coupons

Target Welcome Bag:
– The Honest Co. diapers (2) and wipes (10)
– Philips Avent 5 oz. baby bottle
– babyganics laundry detergent sample
– Aquaphor Healing Ointment Baby sample
– Up and UP baby wipes (20 count)
– Boudreaux’s Butt Paste sample
– Boogie wipes (1 count) 
– Munchkin Latch nursing pads (2)
– Lansinoh nursing pads (2) and breastmilk storage bags (2)
– Mustela Dermo-Cleansing sample
– NUK pacifier
– Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion sample
– Reusable tote bag
– Bunch of coupons

Target’s Welcome Bag was much much better in my book! Tons more samples and things I can try out. I’m not planning to use disposable diapers or formula unless I have to, so Babies R Us was mostly filled with items that I probably won’t be using.