Life with Gus: Week 1

This year has certainly been a year of change. Raisin Bread and I experienced another huge change in our lives this month when we added a new addition to our family. Say “hello” to Gus the Goldendoodle. We decided to name him after a character from Psych, one of our favorite television shows.

Gus was born on June 7th. Here is a photo of him around three weeks old.

Over July 4th weekend, we made the trek to our breeder in Taos to meet our little furball. At this time, he was four weeks old and the most chilled out puppy in the land. 

We also got to meet Gus’s mommy and daddy and all of his brothers and sisters too. Mommy looked overwhelmed with so many puppies!

Finally, last weekend, we made the trip back to Taos to take Gus home with us. His first car ride was rough. Taos is about 3 hours away and high up in the mountains on lots of windy roads. Gus did not hurl but he was definitely on the verge of carsickness. He was droolly and snotty the whole way.
Our first couple of days were doozies. Gus was hooting and hollering all day and night. He would whine whenever I left the room and would even whine when I was in the same room but not paying attention to him. 
Like any puppy, Gus has his moments of hyperactivity and then exhaustion. He is so small at this point that he thinks he is a lap dog. Since Gus is a standard goldendoodle, he will soon be too big for us to pick up and hold, so I think I am going to savor our time now. 

When Gus is in his active states, he becomes quite the leaper! Here he is planning his escape from his travel crate. 

Having a puppy is hard work, there are sleepless nights and moments of frustration from his puppy-ness (too young to be trained fully, learning to be housebroken and the fact that we can’t take him everywhere with us since he isn’t done receiving his shots).

But then I look at this sleeping little bundle of fur and can’t help but want to be by his side all the time and make sure he is content.

I’m planning to take pictures of Gus with the giant manatee every few weeks to keep track of his growth. He is still such a little doodle!