Short Hikes in Bass Harbor and Bar Harbor

We took it easy on our last full day of exploring Acadia National Park. 
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The previous night brought quite a bit of rain and it drizzled on and off for the remainder of the day. The extra moisture created little waterfalls along the rocky cliffs of the park. 
After breakfast, we headed back to Thunder Hole to see if we could get a better glimpse of its power, but it wasn’t high tide yet. The water was a bit rougher and the waves were bigger, but we didn’t see it in all of its glory this trip. 

For the remainder of the morning, we ventured off Park Loop Road and headed to Bass Harbor. From the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse parking lot, we headed to the trail that took us down a long wooden staircase. It was a little scary at first since the stairs were still slick from the rains, but there was nothing to worry about.

At the bottom of the staircase, the Lighthouse was visible on the boulder-strewn shoreline.

On the other side of the parking lot was a paved path that led up a driveway to the lighthouse and the keeper’s house. The house is occupied by a member of the Coast Guard and their family so one is not able to visit either structures.

We drove a short way down the road to the Wonder Land trailhead. Along the way, we encountered a fawn. It was so tiny and still very precarious on its feet. Must have been a wee baby!

Wonder Land definitely lived up to its name this day. We saw so many beautiful things. Tree roots along the wet ground, oddly shaped tree tops and rain-covered flowers. 
When we reached the beach, we saw the mist rising above the ocean as well as pastel-colored seaweed along the rocky sand. 
We had to turn back at this point because the rest of the trail was flooded and we were only wearing sneakers. 
Following lunch, we headed back to Bar Harbor for some strolls around town. First up was the Shore Path

We passed by the hotels situated along the shore as well as the boats and outlying Porcupine Islands.

It was a leisurely, peaceful walk with lots of ocean air in a serene setting.

For our last stroll of the day, we back tracked to the Bar Island Trail. Along the way, we passed by this cool looking seaside restaurant and bar. 
Bar Island is directly north of Mount Desert Island and connected via a sand bar. What makes it so special is that the sand bar is only accessible for a few hours near low tide. During these times, you can walk across the sand bar to reach the other island. 
Walking to Bar Island
It was hard for me to imagine what it would look like outside of low tide. Can’t believe that this whole strip of land is completely submerged most of the time!
Sand Bar at low tide

Bar Island is a mostly wooded forest. We followed the paths to a beautiful view point of the ocean and the town of Bass Harbor. Not wanting to get stuck on the island, we quickly made our way back across the land bridge.

I’ll have one more post about my trip to Maine: all about the food! Stay tuned! 


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