Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my ninth 25th birthday!! Happy birthday to me! If you’re bad at math, that means I’m turning 33 years old today. Scary, huh? 
To mark this special occasion, I spent some time looking for photos from birthdays past to bring you a round up of my most memorable birthdays, so here they are in order of occurrence.
1981 – My first birthday

I was too young to remember it, of course, but look at that cake. My mommy made it for me. Isn’t it awesome?

1982 – My first birthday as a jetsetter

I’ve celebrated quite a few birthdays overseas, and this one was my first. We traveled to Hong Kong this summer, and the trip coincided with my birthday. My parents started me off as a world traveler from a young age.

Mom, cousins, sister and me in Hong Kong
1986 or 1987 – Birthday Party at McDonald’s
I’m not sure what year this was, but my brother was in some of the pictures as a baby so I’m taking a guess that I was turning six or seven. I remember begging my parents to let me have my birthday party at McDonald’s and they let me! Oh, what fine taste children have!
I have to jump 15 years ahead now because I couldn’t find any photos from junior high or high school where I’m sitting in front of a birthday cake. Unfortunately, I grew up in the age before digital so if the photo didn’t have a date stamp or a birthday cake in it, I couldn’t tell for sure if it was a birthday photo.

2001 – 21st birthday at Knott’s Berry Farm

I was a good kid in college, so no binge drinking for me on my 21st birthday. Let’s hang out with Snoopy instead!
2005: My (actual) 25th birthday at San Diego Comic Con and then off to New Zealand

When I lived in LA, I attended San Diego Comic Con on three occasions. I planned on attending the one in 2005 months in advance. Then, suddenly, a week or two before, I learned that I would be leaving for New Zealand that same weekend! What’s a girl to do? Drive down to San Diego on Friday night and celebrate with my sister, attend one day of the con and drive back to LA on Saturday, and catch a plane to NZ on Sunday to go Canyon Swinging and glacier hiking! 

2006: Family and a Friend’s Wedding

This one gets to be in the round up mostly because I miss that cake! It’s the famous Paradise Cake from King’s Hawaiian Bakery. *drool* We used to get it all the time for family celebrations. Also, my friend’s wedding was the same day as my birthday, so I will always remember her anniversary!

2008: All the single ladies!
There was a time in my mid- to late-twenties when I went out A LOT! This was during that time. I am glad I have grown out of that racket! 
Birthday at Bar 107 in Downtown LA

2009: Hiking the Narrows

Raisin Bread and I started dating in January of 2009. For my birthday, he surprised me with an early birthday gift: a road trip to Zion National Park. We went hiking on one of the coolest trails of my life. For more on it, read my recaps here and here
2011: Painting and Bermuda
For my first birthday in DC, Raisin Bread surprised me (he loves surprises, in case you didn’t notice) with a painting class and then a quick trip to Bermuda! For more on that, read my recap here
So many great memories! Here’s to many many more amazing birthdays! 
Question: What are some of your most memorable birthdays?

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  • Susan

    Happy Birthday!!! I tend to celebrate for an entire week, because my birthday falls on the first of the month, and people usually don't remember until they look back at their calendar… I never took any amazing trips, I just always make sure I celebrate with a close group of friends and family!

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