{Product Review} Le Tote: Clothing Rental Service

Now, I know that I don’t typically blog about fashion on here, but I recently stumbled upon a service that I am totally in love with.   
What is Le Tote? Lots of people have described it as the “Netflix for fashion,” which I find to be a semi-fair comparison. Instead of DVDs, you are renting fashion. Subscribers pay $49 per month and receive unlimited “totes” of three garments and two accessories that you can keep as long as you want. Once you are finished with all five pieces, you send them back in a prepaid envelope (no washing required!) and wait for your next tote. The big differences between Le Tote and other fashion subscription services is that you are borrowing the items, and the subscription fee is per month, not per box so it is possible to get two or three boxes per month. If there is an item that you must keep, you can purchase that piece and send the rest back. 
To get started, I filled out a questionnaire on my style, which Le Tote’s stylists to pick out your pieces for each tote. 
Why Do I Le Tote? 
1. I don’t have an infatuation with owning things. I borrow books and DVDs from the public library. I purchased very few textbooks in business school and, instead, rented them for the semester. Along the same lines, I don’t feel the need to own the clothes I wear, especially if I will only wear them a few times. 
2. Small closets. I live in an urban area, which means high rent for very little space. This is the size of my closet. As you can see, it is teeny tiny and I can’t really fit much more in it. 

3. No time for shopping.
4. Fashion changes. I find that when I do have time to shop, I buy the practical items and not the fun items even though I would be open to trying out the trends from time to time.

Le Tote has been great so far. I don’t have to commit to the clothing I receive and I don’t have to make room for them in my closet permanently.

Le Tote #1

About four days after I subscribed, this box appeared on my doorstep. 

Le Tote
Inside was a Le Tote tote that was mine to keep plus a note from my stylist. 
I received 1) a white and gold bracelet and 2) gold earrings. 
3) A beige and white top
4) A zebra dress with red sash

I also received 5) a navy skirt with heart print that I forgot to take a separate photo of but it is below. None of the items were appropriate for work, so I saved them all for our weekend in Maine.

I paired the top, skirt and bracelet for one look.

The next night, I wore the zebra dress with the earrings. It was a bit chilly so I had to wear a sweater with the outfit.

Besides the bracelet, if I saw any of these items in a store, I would not purchase them because I don’t think they would get worn enough. That has been my favorite thing so far, wearing things once that I wouldn’t want to own. It allows me to change my wardrobe up.  

Le Tote #2
I sent Le Tote #1 back on a Monday and received Le Tote #2 that Friday. This was a much more colorful selection.

1) Corral pleated top with buttons up the back

2) Teal pleated flowy top

3a) Yellow and blue printed dress

3b) Blue belt for the dress

4) Beaded necklace and 5) blue and gold bracelet.

How’d we do this time? The flowy top looked really unflattering but I wore it anyway. I kind of felt like a lampshade. The other top was more my speed and my husband took this silly photo of me in it.

Finally, I wore the yellow and blue dress paired with the bracelet to Raisin Bread’s birthday dinner. Also wasn’t in love with the shape of the dress. Not super flattering!

I didn’t wear the necklace because as you can see from the photo, it is broken! I emailed my stylist and she said she would send me an additional piece in my next box. Sounds like a good solution to me!

What’s my take? Le Tote has been a great way to mix things up with my wardrobe. There have been some hits and some misses, but I love receiving my Totes. It’s so exciting to get mail and not have any idea what might be inside. Le Tote is tots fun!


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