Weeks in Review (June 24 to July 7, 2013) + Goals Progress

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Now, where was I? I missed last week’s Week in Review, so I’m playing catch up this Monday morning. These past weeks have been quite eventful, and I have been trying to enjoy the summer despite the DC weather of rain, rain and humidity!

Two Mondays ago I met up with my friend, who I knew back from my Los Angeles days, for happy hour at CoCo Sala. This place is dangerous because everything has chocolate in it!

I ordered the Allure to drink, which has lychee, sparkling wine, rose water and fresh lime juice, and Robyn got the Co Cojito (their play on the mojito). I also got an order of bacon mac and cheese, which came with a piece of chocolate covered bacon. So decadent!

That Saturday, Raisin Bread and I went on a segway tour of DC (recap here) and met up with some of my MBA friends for a cruise of the Potomac and then dinner in Georgetown. Look at this sky!

For the 4th of July, Raisin Bread and I headed to the Mall for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and then avoided the fireworks crowd this year.

Puli Dog Sculpture

I spent this weekend visiting my brother in Philly for less than 48 hours, but we made the most of it! More on that later. For now, here is what my two weeks of workouts looked like. They looked not so great.

June 24 to 30, 2013
Monday: rest
Tuesday: Daily Burn: Yoga 1 + Ran 2.7 miles
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: rest
Friday: Ran 2.8 miles
Saturday: lots of walking around DC
Sunday: rest

Total yoga this week: 1 time
Total mileage this week: 5.5 miles

July 1 to 7, 2013
Monday: Ran 2.6 miles
Tuesday: Pilates Chair 45 mins
Wednesday: Pilates Chair 30 mins
Thursday: Pilates Chair 45 minutes
Friday: travel day
Saturday:  lots of walking around Philly
Sunday: rest

Total yoga this week: 2 times
Total mileage this week: 2.6 miles
Total mileage this week: 189.06

I will be running the Biggest Loser 10K this Sunday, so hopefully, that will kick my butt into high gear! I sure hope so!
Here is also an update on my Goals. If you recall, these goals (except for #7) were supposed to be completed by the end of June, and I have to say I did pretty well. From here, I will try to complete goal #7 as well as continue to cross out goals from my 60 Goals in 3 Years.  

Goals Progress

1. Finish my MBA – Yes! (recap here)
2. Finish my first 10 miler – Yes! (recap here)

3. Finish my first half marathon – Yes! (recap here)
4. Exercise three times a week – I worked out less than three times during 6 of the weeks. 
5. Participate in Meatless Mondays regularly – I didn’t do so well on this one. 
6. Eat out less = save money – Definitely did great! 
7. Run 700 miles this year – Total Mileage To Date (TMTD): 189.06 miles (511 miles to go).
8. Try out two new workout classes – Yes, tried BodySculpt and BodyStep.
9. Post once a week – Yes!

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