Holiday Zoo Lights at the National Zoo

DC has a multitude of holiday-related events going on. I finally had a chance to do something fun this week when we went to Zoo Lights at the National Zoo
National Zoo Main Entrance
We saw entries from their gingerbread habitat contest. I loved this one because of the small details that the maker created. For instance, the Christmas tree had meat ornaments on it for the lions. Cute! 

Here’s another example of the gingerbread habitats.

This was by far the strangest thing I’ve seen in a long while. It’s a snowglobe with a dancing human dressed as a panda wearing a Santa Claus hat inside of it!

There were little displays around the zoo, including this ocean themed one.

We also got to go into many of these exhibits like the reptile and small mammal houses.

Big iguana
Merry Christmas, sleepy porcupine!