Misguided Youth

Trying to consolidate, give away, and sell my belongings has been extremely difficult the last few months. I’m not just consolidating what I currently own but also the things that I have had stored in my parents’ house for the last how many years.

Everytime I find ANOTHER box, I think, “How can there still be more stuff?” When we were in junior high and high school, my parents took us to the mall every weekend. South Coast Plaza. Fashion Island. Del Amo. Today, my brother has a strong aversion towards shopping of any kind and I won’t set foot in a mall unless I know exactly which one or two stores I want to visit and exactly what I’m looking for. Oh and it also has to be on a weeknight. I also frequent online retailers. Those Saturday afternoons spent wandering around malls for no reason consequently made us into buyers of useless things. Going to the mall was something my parents thought of for us to do possibly because it was easy and required no planning, but consequently, we bought a ton of crap and wasted countless hours. 

Today, I don’t even like receiving “things” as gifts because I really don’t need more stuff. Instead, having unique experiences and eating good food are what I most value. So I’m not going to save $5,000 to buy a Chanel bag, but I will save that much to go to Italy to eat the best food in the world.